2021 Audi RS6 Avant Review

  • 4.0L V8双涡轮增压的表现
  • Incredible agility belies the wagon's weight
  • Unexpectedly plush in Comfort mode
  • Handsome, practical, and beautifully made
  • Expensive
  • V8 is thirsty
  • 限制远远超出了公共道路的可能性

If the definition of madness truly is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting a different outcome every time, then perhaps wagon enthusiasts should give up on telling America they're missing out. Let's keep, instead, ridiculously fast and oddly practical cars like the Audi RS6 Avant to ourselves, layering exclusivity on top of supercar levels of performance.

Audi doesn't break RS6 Avant sales numbers out of its quarterly summaries, though it's probably not unfair to say that it's likely in the running for the "Most Niche Audi in the US" title. It's based, of course, on the A6 Avant, that suffix being the automaker's preferred term for the station wagon. So little interest is there seen for that car among American drivers, Audi only offers two customized versions of it on these shores.

一方面,RS6 Avant是性能车。旁边A6 allroad quattroapplies extra cladding, a bump up in ride height, and makes a compelling alternative to SUVs. Both are classically handsome, in the same way that the lantern-jawed Superman of the comic books is handsome.

The sizable grille and squinting headlamps have just the right degree of angst; Audi's inflated wheel arches frame the optional 22-inch alloys – part of the pleasing Black Optic package – beautifully, while the long, lean profile leaves me scratching my head why anyone would pick an SUV over this. That same sense of scale is delivered at the rear, where the distinctively notched LED taillights push eagerly to the edges of the trunk lid, with gloss black trim pieces exaggerating the Avant's width and its dual oval tailpipes.

奥迪喜欢用明亮的探戈红色炫耀它,但是更柔和的色调具有优雅。此时,纳尔多·格雷(Nardo Gray)可能在RS阵容中有点弹奏,但它仍然对RS6的折痕和轮廓感到非常讨人喜欢。我怀疑它的年龄也很好,既不被夸张,也不会屈服于传递趋势或幻想。


想到,最大的不同是引擎。奥迪不断增长的E-Tron阵容可能正在推动电气化,但是在RS6 Avant的脱衣舞引擎盖下,它的4.0升V8 Twin-Turbo仍然有一个快乐的地方。591马力和590 lb-ft的扭矩是货车的野生数字,甚至超过Audi's R8 V10 Performance, though the Avant does of course bring a near-5,000 pound curb weight to the party too.

Nonetheless, this is honest to god快速地。0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, and a top speed of 155 mph. Add the carbon ceramic brakes and, in addition to even stronger stopping power and an $8,500 hit on your wallet, Audi will nudge the limiter up to 190 mph.



使用这些工具,你可以哄RS6的是en family hauler and race track aspirant with mesmerizing ease. Sure, it's firmer than the average Audi, even in Comfort mode: the skinny rubber doesn't do ride any favors, even if it's not quite the teeth-loosening experience you might expect. All the same, you can merrily use the wagon like, well, a wagon for DIY runs and impromptu Costco hauls.

抛弃散装纸巾,覆盖物和任何乘客,动态模式在一个咆哮的怪物中变形RS6 Avant。直线加速度是器官调整的;角落坦率地对待,两人座跑车可以从中汲取教训。金宝搏bet188手机网您永远不会失去一般规模的感觉,尤其是在货车的宽度方面,但是您也永远不会感觉到自己正在接近奥迪的极限。

That's a blessing and a curse, perhaps. Something so intensely capable can end up feeling wasted on public roads, yet I can't see many from that already-small list of RS6 Avant owners choosing to take their wunder-wagon to a track day. Even a brief lapse in caution can have you hurtling to speeds where – should the wrong speed trap be looking your way – your license becomes instant confetti.

It's a problem that the Audi's potent rivals – cars like the Porsche Panamera Turbo S Sport Turismo, for example – run up against, too. Big power numbers that are more commonly used for bragging rights than actually going anywhere fast. The RS6 Avant does, at least, have more cargo space – 59.3 cu-ft with the split rear seats folded, or 30 cu-ft with them up – than the Porsche.

Resign yourself to there being levels of Audi Sport profligacy that are out of sensible reach, though, and there's so much to love about the RS6 Avant. The rear-wheel steering – standard fit – bumps up practicality too, as well as aiding in that sense of extreme stability even at speed. It sounds glorious, bellowing and snorting, and the eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox is Teutonically blunt about the fact that it's far, far more adept than you are at switching ratios.

奥迪(Audi)的2021型号为109,000美元,即2022年的$ 116,500,也削弱了其保时捷表弟。您可以在汽油上使用这些节省:在城市中15英里 /加仑,高速公路上22 mpg,即使在纸上也不是17 mpg,但如果您驾驶货车的需求如何被视为。

2021 Audi RS6 Avant Verdict

Audi's decision to bring the RS6 Avant to the US was a surprising one. After years of it pointing out that American drivers don't buy wagons, certainly don't buy运动的wagons, and that the market shift to SUVs was far more sensible, the fact that you can buy this car at all seems astonishing.

While that exclusivity is compelling, it's the RS6 Avant's sense of flexibility that lingers. Cars that can take on exotics at the lights – or at the track – and yet also handle cross-country jaunts or Big Box Store indulgences are rare. You'd forgive the Audi if it struggled to be, well, a wagon, then, and yet its fiery performance only adds to that, rather than diluting it.