Brittany Roston

Columbus, OH
University Of Akron
Gaming, Mobile, Software, Space
  • Brittany has worked as a professional writer since 2006.
  • She's been an editor for SlashGear for nearly a decade.
  • She spends her free time engaging with various technologies when not writing about them, including 3D printing and modeling.


Brittany pursued journalism as a career at a young age, studying English at university and working part-time as a writer through college. Since graduating, she's worked as a full-time professional writer and editor for various publications, including Digital Photography Review, Laptop Logic, and SlashGear. Her passion for technology started early in life, leading her to specialize in writing about consumer gadgets and other technologies. She has developed a passion for 3D printing and creates 3D works of art in her spare time.


Brittany has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Akron and a Business English Specialization from Arizona State University.
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