FOX Drops 'Bless The Harts' Adult Animated Comedy After Two Seasons

FOX has confirmed that its adult animated seriesBless the Hartswill not be renewed for a third season, making the current second season the last. The series will be replaced in the network's lineup with a different animated series targeted at adults, joining multiple other budding shows FOX has in the pipeline.

Adult animation has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past several years, ushering in shows likeRick & MortyandBob's Burgers。The genre is still largely dominated by only a handful of shows, however, and many fail to stick around for anything nearingThe Simpsons' lifespan.

Bless the Hartsis the latest adult animation to be cancelled early in its life and, according toDeadline,decision was madedue to poor ratings among the target audience. The second season will wrap up in May; viewers can also stream the show on Hulu.

FOX will bring back its animated hitsThe Simpsons, Family Guy, andBob's Burgers。网络也有很多大一新生animated shows in the pipeline, includingHousebroken, Prince Wawa, Ocean Village, Shell Beach, and more.

We've seen a number of animated shows aimed at adults pop up on both TV networks and streaming services — and many disappeared just as quickly. There was, for example, Netflix originalTuca & Bertiethat was canceled after only one season.